First Polystarter IDO: PolyWhirl

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Our vision as we launched Polystarter, the decentralized project accelerator for projects that wanted to launch on Polygon, was set in stone that launchpads should largely cater to the community in the crypto space. The secular investor should be enabled to invest and participate in pre-sales of projects they feel drawn to.

We know the market conditions have been rough lately, market performance has not been at the peak. Hence, to double down on the quality we provide to you, we bring our first IDO: PolyWhirl.


A completely decentralized ecosystem for private transactions on Polygon enabling its users to make private transactions on the chain while avoiding linkage of wallets. It will allow for a transfer of funds to an entirely new address without exposing the identity connected to any previous wallets.

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More what PolyWhirl does

Blockchain powers its users to perform decentralized transactions on the network by using peer to peer connections without the interference of any third parties. But the privacy issue of a Blockchain undermines user anonymity, confidentiality and privacy in transactions. Although a user’s identity can’t be linked to their transactions, they are not totally anonymous in their proceedings. Infact, the transaction blocks are immutable and live forever on the blockchain.

That’s where PolyWhirl comes in. They provide a non-custodial, completely decentralized protocol that allows users to regain their privacy, making blockchain transactions as they should be, private.

PolyWhirl is based on designs that utilize Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZK Proofs in short) to de-link the wallets, a time-tested privacy technology that has proved its mettle in preserving the privacy of its users time and again.

The $WHIRL Token

The $WHIRL tokens allow it’s holders to earn passive rewards, are deflationary, allow governance to it’s holders to govern the project. For more details, click here to know more about the $WHIRL token.


Fixed supply: 10,000,000 $WHIRL tokens

Public sale: 2,500,000 $WHIRL Tokens

PolyWhirl IDO

Public raise amount: $375,000

Initial Market cap: $352,500
Initial Circulating supply: 1,175,000 $WHIRL

Sale price: $0.15
Listing Price: $0.30

Tokens in public sale: 2,500,000 $WHIRL Tokens

Vesting schedule-
Monthly percentage unlocks: 15-14.17-14.27-14.17-14.17-14.17-14.17


Registration for PolyWhirl’s IDO will begin on 15:00 UTC 12 July 2021:

Steps for participation:

  1. To qualify for a tier, you should stake the required number of tokens for that particular tier. Please read our staking guide for detailed steps on how to stake your POLR.
  2. Registration window will open on 15:00 UTC July 12, 2021. After you have staked your POLR, you can select the tier in which you want to participate and then click on the register button.
  3. The POLR staked in the platform will be locked for a period of 6 days after the completion of the public sale.
  4. Public Sale for PolyWhirl will commence on July 15th, 2021. You can buy the $WHIRL tokens from 15-16 July according to your allocation.

If there are any unclaimed $WHIRL tokens after the public sale, there will be a lightning round, which will consist of a FCFS (First Come First Serve) sale. FCFS round details, if any, will be conveyed as soon as the public sale period ends.

About Polystarter

Polystarter is a decentralized accelerator and platform, connecting our group of supporters with premature Polygon innovators and ventures. It gives Polygon developers the benefit of earlier support and funds by launching on ERC20.




PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon

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PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon

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