The Polystarter Staking Program

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Staking Platform is Live

Just as our staking platform is going live, our team would like to thank the community for supporting and believing in us. Together we have hit big milestones and plan to do even more so in the future.

Polystarter has deployed a user-friendly, interactive staking platform on the network that will let POLR holders stake their tokens and register and participate in the fundraising for their favorite polygon projects.

Our superior tier system gives every investor in our community a chance to own a piece of the new project. Guaranteed allocation, superior pool weight, and quality projects makes our offerings very attractive for investors.

What are my options

Investors can choose from a variety of packages:

  1. Bronze - 100 POLR
  2. Silver - 400 POLR
  3. Gold - 1000 POLR
  4. Emerald - 3000 POLR
  5. Ruby - 6000 POLR
  6. Pearl - 15,000 POLR

How to stake POLR

Follow these steps to stake your POLR for registration:

  1. Connect your Metamask wallet on prompt (make sure you are on the Matic Mainnet):

2. Stake your POLR:

(Note: Stake 1 POLR less than the balance amount, the contract will round off the number). For e.g. If your balance shows 938 POLR, Stake 937 POLR and your transaction will be successful.

3. Transaction will be processed (These transactions can take time depending upon the load on network):

4. The platform will show your active tier according to the amount of POLR staked:

Users can stake their POLR tokens till the registration of the IDO which will allow them to participate based on the pool weight of their tiers.

Staking Incentives

Investors who stake their POLR tokens from 4th July 2021 to the end of our first IDO date will be airdropped POLR tokens in their wallets according to the proportion of the amount of tokens staked.

1. If you unstake your tokens anytime during the period, you will be disqualified for the airdrop program.
2. The period for this program will start from 14:30 UTC 4th July 2021 and will end after the completion of PolyWhirl’s public sale.

Stay connected with us on Twitter, Telegram to keep up to date about the registration procedure, participation and more incentives for staking POLR.

About us

Polystarter is a decentralized accelerator and platform, connecting our group of supporters with premature Polygon innovators and ventures. It gives Polygon developers the benefit of earlier support and funds by launching on ERC20.




PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon

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PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon

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