Updated Vesting schedule for Polystarter

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Updated Vesting Schedule

A Gratitude note from the Team

The Polystarter Community

Our vision as we launched Polystarter, the decentralized project accelerator for projects that wanted to launch on Polygon, was set in stone that launchpads should largely cater to the community in the crypto space. The secular investor should be enabled to invest and participate in pre-sales of projects they feel drawn to.

To maximize the value and gains we provide to our investors, we have an extensive IDO (Initial Dex Offering) selection framework designed to take on only quality, fresh and innovative IDOs.

This has been a true experience for the whole Polystarter team where we have worked hard productively since the beginning, built the polystarter family, developed our product, marketed it and started a polygon movement.

We are grateful and filled for the community, investors, individuals that have been with us and supported us. Our Polystarter family has grown and come a long way and we plan to make our movement even more mainstream. So come, strap with us while we sail the market tides together.

Team Polystarter

Why this change

As we know the next set of vested tokens have already been unlocked in the 4th week of June. While we have also announced our accelerator project, it is important for investors to have an ample supply of POLR which they can stake in our staking platform and participate in the IDOs.

After a fruitful long discussion with our community member representatives, advisors, and VCs, we have concluded that in order for a healthy long term organic growth the vesting format shall be amended.

We believe this change shall be communicated to the community as early as possible, and this update will boost the organic growth nitro we have planned.

New Vesting Schedule

Our updated vesting schedule includes the following:

  1. TGE (Token Generation Event): 15% (released) - 4th week of May
  2. 1st Vesting unlock: 15% (released) - 4th week of June
  3. 2nd Vesting unlock: 20% release:
    a. (fortnight): 10% — 4th week of July
    b. (fortnight): 10% — 2nd week of August
  4. 3rd Vesting unlock: 20% release:
    a. (fortnight): 10% —4th week of August
    b. (fortnight): 10% — 2nd week of September
  5. 4th Vesting unlock: 30% release:
    a. (fortnight): 15% — 4th week of September
    b. (fortnight): 15% — 2nd week of October

About Polystarter

Polystarter is a completely decentralized project accelerator and platform, connecting our group of supporters with premature Polygon innovators and ventures. It gives Polygon developers the benefit of earlier support and funds by launching on ERC20.

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PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon