The PolyStarter Newsletter: September

3 min readSep 1, 2021

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Hola to the POLR community!

As the month of August comes to an end, the team would like to thank our community members and investors for continuing to believe in us and working with us to make PolyStarter the premiere launchpad for projects launching on Polygon.
This is our second entry to The PolyStarter Newsletter, September edition.


PolyStarter announced its second project to join the accelerator program: CryptoAces, which strives to bring fairness and transparency to online card games by hosting them on a fully secure decentralized blockchain network. CryptoAces is building a core underlying decentralized network where all a user has to do is plug-in and play.
The unique peer-to-peer cryptographic shuffling protocol among the players on the table provides full transparency and ensures that the game is always fair.

The team consists of veteran developers in the blockchain industry having professional experience and ties in the gaming industry too. With its enormous potential to tap the cards gaming industry with blockchain applications including NFTs, the project has huge upside potential.

They have also announced their very own whitelist poker tournament, scheduled for 4th September.

More details can be found on their handles:

Website| Telegram | Medium | Twitter


We are always receptive to what the community wants! UI/UX changes suggested by our members have already been enacted. Development work on yield farming is in progress, with a highly motivated dev team, the efforts shall bear fruit really soon. This would provide more opportunities and advantages to $POLR holders.

The team is also working to unveil its liquidity mining program, which will enable holders to earn rewards for staking LP tokens on PolyStarter’s platform. This move will streamline the trading activity on the QuickSwap exchange by encouraging investors to provide more liquidity.

We also plan to encompass community-powered decisions based on an equitable voting and proposal systems.

The Governance protocol will add more fairness and stability to the decision making processes and show our commitment for community inclusion in the DeFi space.

Third Accelerator Project

We are already in talks with potential IDOs and have solidified two major candidates. Upon finalizing and fine tuning all details, we shall very soon announce our eventual 3rd IDO event, so stay tuned to our announcement channels!


Marketing is going on with full force, several influencers and backers in the crypto space are working with us to successfully spread the word out and make way for more potential investors to join the PolyStarter Community.
PolyStarter has also been featured in various Crypto Medias, links to mentions can be found on our twitter page.

About PolyStarter

PolyStarter is a full-fledged decentralized launchpad connecting innovators and early investors in the Polygon ecosystem. It provides project devs with fund-raising initiatives and support, with an overarching aim of building an inclusive infrastructure in the DeFi space.

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