Registration Guide: CryptoAces

Here is a guide on how to stake your POLR tokens, register for the CryptoAces IDO, and participate in the public sale.

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Initial Dex Offering (IDO): is an event which refers to a cryptocurrency asset launching on an Decentralized Exchange (Dex). In an IDO, a blockchain project makes a coin’s first public debut on a DEX in order to raise funding from retail investors. IDOs can offer a cost-effective option to listings, with providing quick liquidity and options for instantaneous trading.

Public Sale: is the sale conducted by a project team to onboard retail early investors into a project, the raise amount, contribution type can be decided by the team itself.

Staking: is a process where investors can stake (set aside) the native token of a launchpad and the staked tokens can act as a ticket to gain access to an IDO event on that launchpad platform. The amount of tokens staked can determine the amount of contribution that investors can invest in that particular IDO event of a project.

CryptoAces IDO details

CryptoAces IDO Event

Public sale for CryptoAces will commence at 15:00 UTC, 12 Sept 2021 on PolyStarter’s platform, details can be found below:

Sale price: $0.007

Listing Price: $0.010

Raise amount: $245,000

Tokens in public sale: 35,000,000 $CACE Tokens

Initial Market Cap: $302,500

Registration for Public Sale

There will be a 116 hour window available to register for the CryptoAces IDO event, investors have to register in this time-frame for participation itself.

Registration Start: 18:30 UTC, 07 Sept 2021

Registration End: 15:00 UTC, 12 Sept 2021

Public Sale

Public sale Start: 15:00 UTC, 12 Sept 2021

Public sale End: 15:00 UTC, 14 Sept 2021

Lightning Round (FCFS)

If there are any unclaimed $CACE tokens after the public sale, there will be a lightning round, which will consist of a FCFS (First Come First Serve) sale. More FCFS round details, if any, will be conveyed as soon as the public sale period ends.

FCFS round Start: 15:00 UTC, 14 Sept 2021

FCFS round End: 15:00 UTC, 15 Sept 2021

Steps for Participation

  1. Staking:
    To register for an IDO, you must have a qualifying number of POLR tokens staked in accordance with the tier system chosen.

a. To know more about the different tiers Polystarter offers, click here.

b. To know the steps on how to buy POLR, click here.

c. To follow our staking guide, click here.

2. Register:
Go to our platform at to register.

a. Click on CryptoAces’ pool page

b. On the registration page, choose the tier which you want to choose for the allocation. It will show you options according to the POLR tokens you have staked.

c. Choose the tier which you want to participate with, higher the tier, higher the allocation. After choosing your tier from the dropdown menu, click on Register.

After successfully completing the above steps, you will be fully registered for the IDO. When the time for the public sale starts, you will be able to participate with the tier chosen.

3. Contribute during Sale

Contribution type: USDC

Total Raise amount: $245,000

About Polystarter

Polystarter is a full-fledged launchpad for innovators and entrepreneurs in the Polygon ecosystem. From technical support to fund-raising initiatives, Polystarter aims at nurturing ingenious dApp devs and other ventures in lines of sustainability and growth. With an overarching aim of building an inclusive infrastructure of DeFi projects, Polystarter is establishing itself as a one-stop accelerator.

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About CryptoAces

CryptoAces is an all-new, fully decentralized poker platform designed on the blockchain. It aims to improve in-game experience by leveraging technology and the Polygon ecosystem to bring alive the thrills of winning in poker, in a fully secured manner. Unique arbiter staking system and poker NFT marketplace.

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