Polystarter’s Tier: v2

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Polystarter: A new beginning

In the previous blog, we celebrated our first vesting unlock last week which officially makes Polystarter exactly one month old. We, at Polystarter, offer a quality platform for a synergetic connection of teams that are looking to crypto fund raise their project and their early investors who want to be involved with their favorite teams.

In our starting but learning journey we have always kept the community first when it comes to the crypto space. At the same time, polystarter’s team and advisors are continuously improving and optimizing the platform.

Keeping this in mind, the previous tier system will have to be updated to accommodate all the members and allow them to participate in our first IDO, PolyWhirl, with a feasible standard. The version 2 of the tier-system will change all allocations to guaranteed. Looking ahead, this will generate more long term POLR tokens holders and polygon-centric investors.

New Tiers:

Tier: v2

For example:

A project XYZ launching on polystarter wants to conduct a sale of 1,000,000 tokens.

Guaranteed Allocations:

  1. 300 Bronze have staked their required 100 POLR each for 6 days
    Pool Weight (0.25x)X(300 Bronze)= 75 pool share
  2. 150 Silver have staked their required 400 POLR each for 6 days
    Pool Weight (1x)X(150 Silver)= 150 pool share
  3. 50 Gold have staked their required 1000 POLR each for 6 days
    Pool Weight (2.5x)X(50 Gold)= 125 pool share
  4. 30 Emerald have staked their required 3000 POLR each for 6 days
    Pool Weight (7.5x)X(30 Emerald)= 225 pool share
  5. 15 Ruby have staked their required 6000 POLR each for 6 days
    Pool Weight (15x)X(15 Ruby)= 225 pool share
  6. 10 Pearl have staked their required 15000 POLR each for 6 days
    Pool Weight (37.5X)X(10 Pearl)= 375 pool share

Hence, Total no of pool share/portion combined for all tiers :

(75+150+125+225+225+375)= 1175

Therefore, the 1,000,000 tokens available in Project XYZ’s sale would be divided by 1175 (1,000,000/1175=852) Each pool share equals 852.

Investors of each tier will have the following token allocations:

Bronze: Pool Weight (0.25x) x (852 Pool Share)=213

Silver: Pool Weight (1x) x (852 Pool Share)=852

Gold: Pool Weight (2.5) x (852 Pool Share)=2130

Emerald: Pool Weight (7.5x) x (852 Pool Share)=6390

Ruby: Pool Weight (15x) x (852 Pool Share)=12780

Pearl: Pool Weight (37.5X) x (852 Pool Share)=31950

About Polystarter:

Polystarter is a leading decentralized project accelerator and platform, connecting our group of supporters with premature Polygon innovators and ventures. It gives Polygon developers the benefit of earlier support and funds by launching on ERC20.



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