PolyStarter Pool Weight details

Investors who wish to participate in upcoming IDO’s will have to stake their POLR tokens on our platform. After they register for the upcoming sale, their tokens will be locked in for a particular period of time. The amount of POLR staked will be directly proportional to the pool weight ratio.

How is pool weight related to my allocation?

Pool weight is basically a portion of investment that an investor would be able to contribute during the presale. All the individual pool weights of eligible POLR stakers is added to get the total pool weight portion. The portion of contribution is derived from the formula :

Tier system

Let’s take an example :

A project XYZ launching on polystarter wants to sell 1,000,000 tokens.

Lottery based (Bronze & Silver)

1000 Bronze have staked their required 100 POLR each for 6 days. 10%, or 100 Bronze win the lottery for allocation.

Guaranteed allocation

50 Gold have staked their required 1000 POLR each for 6 days

Total no of pool share/portion combined for all tiers :

(100+40+50+90+90+150)= 520

  • Silver: Pool Weight (1x) x (1923 Pool Share)=1923
  • Gold: Pool Weight (1x) x (1923 Pool Share)=1923
  • Emerald: Pool Weight (3x) x (1923 Pool Share)=5769
  • Ruby: Pool Weight (6x) x (1923 Pool Share)=11538
  • Pearl: Pool Weight (15X) x (1923 Pool Share)=28845

PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon