The Polystarter Newsletter: August

2 min readAug 5, 2021

Hola to the POLR community!

This is the beginning of The Polystarter’s Newsletters, the team here conveys their gratefulness to the community and its supporters. As a follow up to our recent AMA, here is a brief overview of the team’s focus in the coming weeks.

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New Gaming IDO

The onboarding of our second IDO is well underway, with project design and implementation in its final stages. Polystarter aims to launch only the most innovative projects that add real value to the Polygon ecosystem, and this project ticks those boxes with aplomb. Not only that, the team behind it are alumni of two of the most prestigious and recognizable titans of the corporate world! Be sure to follow and allow notifications on our announcements channel as more details will be shared soon; you don’t want to miss them!

Team Expansion

There is no more profitable investment than to invest in yourself! We have recently strengthened and expanded our team, have onboarded two more professional full stack blockchain and web3 developers. This will increase team productivity, doubling the manpower and accelerating growth, whilst showing the real intent in our aim to become the premier launchpad on Polygon.


Over the next week we will share the date of the forthcoming IDO. The community’s calls for increased and more varied marketing have been heard. To that end, negotiations with potential influencer partners are ongoing and we hope to share the fruits of these arrangements as soon as it is appropriate.

The valuable feedback provided by the community regarding the UI have been noted. The updates will ensure a smooth and seamless UX for users come our next launch.

The development work on PolrSwap has ramped up and yield farming opportunities on POLR are coming soon!

About Polystarter

Polystarter is a full-fledged decentralized launchpad connecting innovators and early investors in the Polygon ecosystem. It provides project devs with fund-raising initiatives and support, with an overarching aim of building an inclusive infrastructure in the DeFi space.

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PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon