Everything About $POLR: Key Metrics, Uses, Governance, and Staking

3 min readJul 20, 2021

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More than 10,000 cryptocurrencies are available on the internet. While some of them relish the spotlight, several others have disappeared into oblivion. Why? because there is no specific template to help a currency succeed.

Tweets have created a ripple effect across the market. Several aggressive marketing campaigns have boosted currencies to newer heights, and certain currencies grow organically with minimal marketing, depending on the ‘value proposition’.

These are the currencies or project tokens with intrinsic value. They attract investors and holders through the value they can provide. Also, this is the club that $POLR resides in. This articulation shall answer ‘why?’ one should invest in $POLR.

$POLR — The Numbers Game

Before anything, let us know the ABC of the $POLR token i.e. its key metrics.

Total Supply: 10,000,000 (fixed)


  • Presale (1 & 2): 5,000,000
  • Dev Team Tokens: 1,500,000
  • Partnership and Advisory: 1,700,000
  • Ecosystem: 1,300,000
  • QuickSwap Listing: 500,000

Token Standard: ERC20

Blockchain: PoS Chain (Polygon)

Where to buy $POLR?: QuickSwap

At the time of QuickSwap listing,

Listing Price: $0.5

Initial Circulating Supply: 1,250,000

Initial Market Cap: $625,000

What Can $POLR be Used For?

Holding $POLR is unlike investing in other tokens. Not only is the token itself an opportunity to earn, but it also presents several other investment avenues for the holders.

There are a plethora of Polygon projects being launched on the PolyStarter platform. $POLR holders can support and invest in these ventures. Unlike external investors, $POLR holders enjoy the first-mover advantage by having the opportunity to participate in early sales.

Courtesy of a superior tiered scheme, $POLR holders can secure guaranteed access to seed funding and pre-sales of projects launching on PolyStarter. This provides a win-win situation for both project owners and investors. The former receive credible funding whilst the latter have the opportunity to invest in highly-vetted projects with minimal efforts.

$POLR Holders are the Crux of Community Governance

Holders of the $POLR token are eligible to vote on decisions that determine the course of action for the platform. This avoids the very popular scenario where the user and investor community are devoid of knowing the steps taken by the project owners or devs.

Likewise, it brings an added perspective for the devs to use, in their testing and further development of the platform. By providing governance rights, PolyStarter aims to be a truly inclusive community-driven platform. This also helps in avoiding collusion and other risks often associated with decentralized finance.

Incentives for Staking of $POLR

To participate in fundraising initiatives, PolyStarter has deployed a user-friendly platform for staking $POLR. By staking their tokens, investors avail themselves of the opportunity to invest in pre-sales of Polygon projects.

In a bid to present fair opportunities to all stakers to own a piece of their favorite projects, PolyStarter uses their fair-tier system. By demarcating the investors on a range of packages based on the volume of $POLR tokens staked, PolyStarter is providing an equal playing ground for all investors.

A unique incentive for staking $POLR is its innate security. PolyStarter has initiated an insurance treasury fund to compensate for projects that may fail due to the team’s faulty due diligence efforts. Also, an additional layer of security is that individual caps are set to avoid whales burning tokens and causing harm to a healthy price action.

This makes the staking of $POLR a secured goldmine for small and retail investors. Unlike other projects where investors with huge volume gain illicit leverage, PolyStarter enables an equitable, yet secure avenue for investment.

$POLR — The Fuel to PolyStarter

Polygon has emerged as a robust network capable of delivering goods even in rough waters. This facet works in favor of developers to build their solutions and ventures on the Polygon network. PolyStarter, with its signature accelerator program and community governance, is effectively the ideal launchpad for premature Polygon projects.

Given the immense potential of the platform, its native token — $POLR shall be high in demand. With the next-gen dApps and solutions being nurtured, the demand is likely to skyrocket. Hence, there is a great chance for $POLR emerging to be the token of support for the DeFi ecosystem.




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