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Our vision as we launched Polystarter, the decentralized project accelerator for projects that wanted to launch on Polygon, was set in stone that launchpads should largely cater to the community in the crypto space. The secular investor should be enabled to invest and participate in pre-sales of projects they feel drawn to.

Hence, we bring you CryptoAces, an online card game platform with the use case of NFTs designed on Blockchain.


CryptoAces, an all new innovative project, that aims to bring fairness and transparency to online card games by hosting them on a fully secure decentralized blockchain network is conducting its public sale on PolyStarter.

Its team is a highly skilled, motivated group of individuals who have worked in notable companies in the e-commerce industry and banking sector. They are also professional poker players who have successfully hosted international Texas Hold’em Poker tournaments and have connections to notable entities.

The scope of potential of CryptoAces is enormous, ever far-reaching that big Tier-1 VCs are in talks for onboarding, development and incubation of the product at a mass adoption level. Hence, due to the extensive talks and smoothing over of fine tooth details with these Tier-1 VCs, there has to be a necessary extension of the registration, public sale dates.

New Dates are as follows:

Registration opens: 15:00 UTC, 7 September 2021

Public Sale starts: 15:00 UTC, 12 September 2021

Public Sale ends: 15:00 UTC, 14 September 2021

TGE : Mid October

More details can be found on their handles:

Website| Telegram | Medium | Twitter

The $CACE token

The $CACE token allows its users to get access to chips to stake on poker tables, cash out their winnings, access special tournaments, and trade NFTs on their platform. To know more about the $CACE token, check out the whitepaper here.


Fixed Supply: 500,000,000 $CACE tokens

Public sale: 35,000,000 $CACE tokens

CryptoAces IDO

Public raise amount: $245,000
Initial Market cap: $302,500
Tokens in public sale: 35,000,000 $CACE Tokens
Sale price: $0.007
Listing Price: $0.010
Initial Circulating supply: 30,250,000 $CACE


Registration for CryptoAces’ IDO will begin on 15:00 UTC 07 September 2021:
Steps for participation:

  1. To qualify for a tier, you should stake the required number of tokens for that particular tier. Please read our staking guide for detailed steps on how to stake your POLR.
  2. Registration window will open on 15:00 UTC, 07 September 2021. After you have staked your POLR, you can select the tier in which you want to participate and then click on the register button.
  3. The POLR staked in the platform will be locked for a period of 6 days after the completion of the public sale.
  4. Public Sale for CryptoAces will commence on 12 September 2021. You can buy the $CACE tokens from 12–14 September according to your allocation.

If there are any unclaimed $CACE tokens after the public sale, there will be a lightning round, which will consist of a FCFS (First Come First Serve) sale. FCFS round details, if any, will be conveyed as soon as the public sale period ends.

About PolyStarter

PolyStarter is a full-fledged decentralized launchpad connecting innovators and early investors in the Polygon ecosystem. It provides project devs with fund-raising initiatives and support, with an overarching aim of building an inclusive infrastructure in the DeFi space.

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