The PolyStarter Community Members

Our team had taken a tough decision to burn a critical portion of the total $POLR supply (16%) to facilitate in alleviating the sell pressure and incentivizing new retail investors in holding $POLR and creating new opportunities for backers.

Though our team’s decisions were taken in the best interests of the project and retail investors, we have realized that devoiding presalers of their promised vesting allocation is unfair, and it shall not suffice.

We greatly appreciate the early support shown by our presalers and want to readdress the confusion that has recently come to everyone’s notice.

Hence, this token burn shall be considered to constitute tokens from the community and team tokens part.

(Please refer to our tokenomics for more info)

This means that all presale participants will be given their promised amount of tokens and the remaining amount of vested POLR tokens will be released in the same fashion as before, starting from next month i.e. October.

Vesting schedule for remaining (50%) POLR tokens shall follow the following schedule:

  1. October: 10%
  2. November: 10%
  3. December: 10%
  4. January: 20%

We hope this rectification will restore the trust of community members in good spirits and bring back positive sentiment, forge togetherness to make PolyStarter the premiere launchpad for projects based on Polygon. We are quite excited about our second IDO event: CryptoAces and will release more info soon.


Team PolyStarter




PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon

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PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon

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