This is a Refund Guide for those investors who have already contributed to the Original public sale of CryptoAces.

1. Use the same Metamask account used for staking/contributing to the public sale for claiming a refund.
2. If the transaction does not go through or takes more time than usual, it…

The PolyStarter Community Members

Our team had taken a tough decision to burn a critical portion of the total $POLR supply (16%) to facilitate in alleviating the sell pressure and incentivizing new retail investors in holding $POLR and creating new opportunities for backers.

Though our team’s decisions were taken…

Hola to the POLR community!

This is the beginning of The Polystarter’s Newsletters, the team here conveys their gratefulness to the community and its supporters. As a follow up to our recent AMA, here is a brief overview of the team’s focus in the coming weeks.

To follow up on…


PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project Accelerator for Polygon

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